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Yesterday afternoon my beloved Red Sox traded future first-round Hall of Famer and perpetual Peter Pan, Manny Ramirez.  After a day to process this remarkable event, I can now report that I am actually grateful.  Because I was so tired of trying to figure out just which Manny I was looking at on any particular day.

Would it be the hitter who'd foul off pitch after pitch and then, in one smooth, beautiful stroke, send a fastball soaring over the Green Monster?  The runner who got thrown out at first because he didn't run out that ground ball?   The left fielder who played the wall well at Fenway, but tripped over his own feet anywhere else?  The petulant child who shoved a 60+-year-old traveling secretary to the floor when he was told the man couldn't get him all the tickets he wanted?  The goofball who explained his distracting antics as "Manny being Manny?"   The showman-athlete who robbed an opposing batter of a home run, high-fived a fan as he pushed back off the fence, and then fired back a perfect throw to cut down a runner at the plate?  The self-absorbed guy who struck a teammate in full view of other players--and television cameras?  The player who helped Boston win two World Series?  The man who asserted that the Red Sox (and, by implication, his teammates, coaches, manager, and all the fans, who had supported him, defended him, and invested so much emotion in him over the years) didn't deserve him?  

Boston takes its baseball seriously, which is why NESN, the regional sports network, covered the July 31, 4PM EDT trade deadline the way MSNBC covers elections.  And yes, there I was, from 3 PM on, hanging on every report, rumor, and bit of analysis.  A trade was on again, off again; talks had broken down.  At 4 PM it looked as though a trade would not be made, and I wondered how Manny could possibly function effectively here for the next two months, after he had said so many hurtful and damaging things.  But then, at 4:15 or so, the reporting caught up with the paperwork, and the trade was announced.

So Manny's off to the Los Angeles Angels Dodgers, to play with his former teammates Nomar Garciaparra and Derek Lowe.   Won't it be interesting to see the results of adding Manny to a clubhouse already in disarray!

Good luck, Manny.  I'm both happy and sad that you're gone.  Thanks for all the great baseball you played here for seven and a half years.  Thanks for the laughs.  Most of all, thanks for helping my elderly father to see the Sox win a world championship in his lifetime.  And when you're elected to the Hall, I'll be cheering. 


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