Jul. 27th, 2008

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It is raining here, so naturally, like it does every damned time it rains, my DSL connection has gotten all hinky and is blinking in and out like semaphore.  Just the DSL, not the phone, even though they’re on the same line. 


I have complained to my service provider, Verizon, not that they care.  I hate Verizon.


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 Interesting article in The New Yorker this past week about "the Eureka moment"--solving problems through a flash of insight, as opposed to using deductive reasoning.  It seems that to allow that flash of insight to manifest itself, it's important not to try too hard.  Relaxation is the key.  Laser-beam focus is useful for the methodical working out of problems, but it actively hinders the high-level synthesis that often is results in a moment of sudden insight.  As the article says, there's a good reason why Google has ping pong tables at its headquarters.  One researcher recommends working at a problem with high diligence and focus until progress is halted, and then taking a break, doing something else and letting the brain continue its work in the background.

Sounds like a useful process for writers--more to the point, a useful process for MY writing.  If I could only stop the nattering in my brain long enough to create that high focus in the first place.


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