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Dear valued potential customer,

Please accept our sincerest apology.
You recently contacted our website inquiring about our services.
We truly appreciate your considering Made-of-Fail Moving Co.
However, due to some website problems, which now have been corrected,
your initial inquiry was not properly received, until now.
As a result, we were unable to respond in a timely fashion.
Again, please accept our sincerest apology.
If Made-of-Fail Moving Co. can be of any assistance to you now or in the future,
please do not hesitate to contact me:
CELL                xxx-xxx-xxxx
OFFICE            xxx-xxx-xxxx
FAX                  xxx-xxx-xxxx
E-MAIL             xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you,
[name redacted to protect the guilty]
General Manager
Made-of-Fail Moving Co.

[EmGee's complete original email inquiry, with full contact information, attached at bottom of message.]

Dear made-of-fail moving company and [name of general manager redacted],

If I had not already selected another mover, and sent in my deposit, your response would have done nothing to encourage me to contact you.

You have my full name but addressed me as "Dear valued potential customer."

You have my telephone number and a preferred time to call, but do not indicate that you intend to call me.  Instead, you put the burden on me to call you again, if I'm still looking for a mover.  NOT a smart sales move.

Website problems + poor sales response = lost sale of approximately $2,000.

Just sayin'.

- EmGee

All things considered, I'm glad these incompetents people didn't get in touch with me for an entire week.  I got two other estimates,  ultimately hired the awesome! expensive! but awesome! Gentle Giant movers (Seriously, awesome!  See their website at www.gentlegiant.com.  They sent out an estimator.  He spent 45 minutes with me and provided actual helpful advice!) , and am looking forward to working with them (well, as much as it is possible to look forward to moving).


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