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Yesterday afternoon my beloved Red Sox traded future first-round Hall of Famer and perpetual Peter Pan, Manny Ramirez.  After a day to process this remarkable event, I can now report that I am actually grateful.  Because I was so tired of trying to figure out just which Manny I was looking at on any particular day.

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 Interesting article in The New Yorker this past week about "the Eureka moment"--solving problems through a flash of insight, as opposed to using deductive reasoning.  It seems that to allow that flash of insight to manifest itself, it's important not to try too hard.  Relaxation is the key.  Laser-beam focus is useful for the methodical working out of problems, but it actively hinders the high-level synthesis that often is results in a moment of sudden insight.  As the article says, there's a good reason why Google has ping pong tables at its headquarters.  One researcher recommends working at a problem with high diligence and focus until progress is halted, and then taking a break, doing something else and letting the brain continue its work in the background.

Sounds like a useful process for writers--more to the point, a useful process for MY writing.  If I could only stop the nattering in my brain long enough to create that high focus in the first place.
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It is raining here, so naturally, like it does every damned time it rains, my DSL connection has gotten all hinky and is blinking in and out like semaphore.  Just the DSL, not the phone, even though they’re on the same line. 


I have complained to my service provider, Verizon, not that they care.  I hate Verizon.


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First entry on LiveJournal, even though I created my account months ago.  I haven't a clue about how to use the various features but I guess I'll figure it out as I go.

I've been resisting this for a long, long time.  As it is, I spend way too many hours on fannish interests.  But I've been reading, and relishing, the work of a number of fanfic writers who post here and I thought it was only fair that I establish a presence and begin to carry my weight, as it were, in the community.  Think of this initial entry as an arrival to a party that's in full swing by a shy person who doesn't know anyone else in the room.

I'm a very long-time fan, first of Star Trek (Original) and then of Starsky & Hutch, The X-Files and Stargate SG-1, and a once-upon-a-time and maybe-soon-to-be-again slash writer in all these fandoms except S&H.  RL issues caused me to drop out of active fandom in a very precipitous way, a few years ago, and I've been a little nervous about trying to return.  The YahooGroups on which I once was active have mostly disappeared, or changed beyond recognition.  In some cases the fandoms themselves have changed beyond recognition--and the fanfic that once was so abundant, and so much of which was so good, is no more.  

These days, most of my reading of new fic takes place in SG-1, and it seems that LJ is the place where the most creative SG-1 material shows up.  Thank GOD for 

[personal profile] synecdochic and [profile] princessofg and [personal profile] paian   and everyone else still creating wonderful fic in this fandom.  I'm pleased to be here and look forward to getting to know everyone better in the weeks and months to come.  Can't promise to be a frequent poster but I'm hoping at least to have time to comment on some fic and maybe put up a little of my own writing.





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