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I live in Massachusetts.

It has been a bad night here in Massachusetts.

Imagine how difficult it must be, as a liberal Democratic candidate with statewide name recognition and a good reputation, to lose the Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy to a conservative Republican state senator that hardly anyone had heard of eight weeks ago, in the most Democratic--and, arguably, the most liberal--state in the country.

Now imagine that said Democratic candidate had gone on vacation in the middle of the campaign. Yup. Less than a month before the election. Gone on Christmas vacation. LEFT THE COUNTRY to go on vacation. Imagine what sort of a message that sends to working class folk who are beleaguered and unemployed or underemployed and overwhelmed by their Christmas bills even though they tried to be especially frugal this year, and who can't even manage a weekend on the Cape let alone a week in the Caribbean. Imagine the arrogance of a candidate who is so sure of being elected that she chooses to skip campaigning for a week and lie on a beach instead of visiting senior centers and shaking hands at bus stops and schmoozing at coffee shops, while her opponent makes like the Energizer bunny in her absence.

Maybe it wouldn't have made a difference. The political pundits point to an overall lackluster campaign, a failure of the candidate to define herself thus leaving it to her Republican challenger to define her. But the epic incompetence of this campaign goes far beyond this one misstep.

Had Martha Coakley won the election, I planned to send her a note saying, "I voted for you this time, even though you did nothing to try to earn my support. But don't EVER take my vote for granted again." Even though I won't be sending that note now, I'm guessing that she got the message.
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Less than a week, now, until the election, and I have to confess that I've become addicted to the site www.fivethirtyeight.com. The polling summaries and projections are fascinating, but equally compelling are the reports on the campaigns from the field. Take a look at this excerpt from the report from North Carolina:

Read the excerpt . . . )
And when I read this, I wept too.


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